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Hello all, we’d really appreciate your help in our time of need. There are measures in place to protect pubs but we still have to pay rent, our suppliers, utilities and many, many other costs. The Colonel Fawcett is unfortunately not valid for a government grant due to our really high business rates.

We started as an independent pub almost nine years ago and remain fiercely so, working with as many independent breweries, distilleries and drinks suppliers as possible.

We are not after sympathy but just support. None of us want a high street devoid of independent businesses and, unfortunately, that’s a distinct possibility with the way things are heading. Only the biggest corporations will survive… and that’s a horrible prospect for us all.

We are also highly aware of all the good that our NHS and other people are doing for this country and our communities. So, to support the NHS staff who are working so incredibly hard and putting themselves in danger – for every gift voucher that you purchase – we will add 10% on top and create an ‘NHS Fund’ which can be redeemed by NHS staff when we re-open.

Exact details on this TBC but we will ensure they are well looked after with food and drink when we re-open. We will keep a tally update on that fund as we progress through the weeks.

If you have fond memories of the Colonel – maybe it was a friend’s birthday, a lovely meal or even a wedding – please help us make sure there’s many more years of those to come.

Also, to those who have lost their jobs, income or for whom the future seems unsettled, we are also thinking of you in this time. Instead of buying a gift voucher, a share of this link would be much appreciated.

Please purchase a gift voucher below which can be redeemed as soon as we open!

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